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Camaro V8 Drilled & Slotted
CENTRIC's SportStop Performance Brake Rotors
(formerly CHP - Centric High Performance - Brake Rotors) 
 SportStop Performance Brake Rotors, offered as Slotted, Cross-Drilled or Cross-Drilled & Slotted , deliver better heat and gas dissipation.  They are specifically designed to run cooler and promote improved wet and dry braking performance.

The natural enemy of braking performance is heat.  When temperature levels reach critical levels, a thin layer of gasses actually prevent the brake pads from making complete contact with the rotor friction surface.  The addition of slotting or cross-drilling to the friction surface of the brake rotor promotes the evacuation of these gasses and improves stopping performance and pedal feel.

Centric's SportStop Slotted Rotors have specially designed, directional slots that remove gasses from in between the brake pad and the friction surface of the rotor.  By removing these gasses, temperatures drop and brake performance increases.

The addition of cross-drilling to their slotted rotor further increases performance by pulling more gas and heat away from the friction contact zone.  Centric's SportStop Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotors feature countersunk holes that reduce stress risers and fractures.  This allows for more surface area than conventional cross-drilled rotors thereby offering better structural integrity of the brake rotor.

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